Badly Implemented Strategies

To a large extent, strategy is the artistry of management. As a sculptor sees a specific statue in a given block of stone, a strategist sees a specific service or product opportunity in a given block of customers. And, although to each type of artist their own vision may be crystal clear, few other people are usually able to see beyond the initial "block" until work is well under way. While the sculptor can work alone to physically extract the envisioned statue from the stone, the strategist can diminish his/her focus by becoming too involved with implementation considerations. The strategist must rely upon the very people who can not yet see his/her vision in order to implement it.

For the strategist, however, there is a complementary personality that can facilitate the implementation of a vision. The tactician personality is one that is skilled in seeing the visions of others and converting them into operational realities. The tactician projects a strategy against the current operational inertia of an organization and the expected corporate culture impact of changing that inertia and develops a migration plan that includes organization and procedure, external relationship, contingency support, phased implementation and implementation reversal considerations.

MCS has developed successful operational implementation plans for several clients exploring the leading edge of their industry service opportunities.

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