"First Pass" Offer

One intangible in the challenge of successful business relationships is the comfort level that exists between the parties. All parties need to respect each other and feel that they can anticipate at least the style of the other(s). The difference in the level of satisfaction of any given client between two equally competent vendors often rests in how the style of each vendor works with the client. Despite any financial considerations, it is not beneficial for either the client or the vendor to have a relationship with an insufficient comfort level.

In an effort to provide potential clients with some direct insight as to whether MCS has a style that will work with the client, Management Challenge Services offers to perform a "First Pass" analysis of any operational challenge of the client at no charge to the client. A client needs only to e-mail MCS a brief description of the challenge along with the name and phone number of an authorized contact to whom any follow-up questions may be addressed. MCS will then respond with a brief analysis of its understanding of the challenge, any insights that it has on the challenge and an approach for addressing the challenge. In recognition that there will be challenges for which it would not be the best solution resource, MCS will explicitly identify for the potential client those aspects of any challenge for which the client should consider MCS.

to submit an operational challenge for "First Pass" analysis.