Implementation Planning

A securities brokerage needed to expand the availability of identification numbers both for accounts and for securities. Due to intelligence imbedded within the numbers that were used by over 1,000 programs and occurred in over 10,000 files corporate-wide, management decided to accomplish the expansion by converting the format of the numbers without changing their size. Maintaining the corporate computer applications, however, were 8 systems development departments that, except for computer files that they shared or passed among themselves, were defensively independent. The conversion was considered by corporate management to have the highest priority of all systems initiatives at that time.

An MCS consultant was assigned to work with an in-house manager to develop a project plan for the securities part of the conversion and to act as liaison with the non-systems operations areas of the brokerage. A project plan was developed to effectively coordinate inter-departmental conversions while recognizing individual department independence and permitting a continual rolling-in of the converted formats.

The security number conversion project was successfully completed on schedule, within budget and set a new standard for cooperation among the systems departments.

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