Organizational Structures

A systems district of a large corporation had been organized in a matrix format that did not include a separate project management function. Although the district operated under a highly structured systems development framework, coordination from phase to phase of projects rarely went smoothly with the result that deadlines were missed with mutual finger pointing among the various functional areas.

An MCS consultant was introduced into the district in order to integrate a new project management function into the organization. This integration required not only defining the roles and responsibilities of the function and its interactions with the other district functions but also getting acceptance by the other functions, demonstrating the function, customizing tools for the function and mentoring the first of the in-house project managers.

When defined and demonstrated, project management was welcomed by the other functional areas that accepted it as performing necessary roles that benefited their own work instead of inhibiting it. During the function demonstration period, MCS managed projects accounted for 2/3 of the district's accomplishments.

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