System Integration

A bank wanted to offer customers a service that combined all their accounts onto a single statement. The various accounts, however, were maintained by independent systems with different closing dates for separate divisions. Transactions affecting multiple accounts such as a transfer of funds from savings to checking might be processed on separate dates occurring in different statement periods for each account. The systems ran on different hardware platforms and the organizational structure of the bank precluded redevelopment of all of the functionality into a single system.

An MCS consultant was assigned to develop a process for each of the bank divisions to transmit daily posted transactions to a single processor that correlated the data by customer transaction instead of account transaction and prepared statements based upon its own closing cycle.

Successful roll-out of product that effectively consolidated all of the relationships of each customer with the bank. With one exception, the impact on each of the individual product divisions was the execution of a daily transaction extract in a standardized format that was transmitted to the consolidation processor. Development of the consolidation and statement process was complete in less than three months.

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