Staff Training

A local government agency purchased a package including a Local Area Network (LAN), a series of workstations, an office suite of software and a proprietary system for operating a housing authority from an out-of-state vendor. Training and on-going support was only offered separately at a significant additional expense to the agency. Feeling that they had already been burned once by that vendor, the agency distributed an RFP seeking another source of support. In conjunction with another consulting firm that was familiar with government relations, MCS won a contract to provide all system training and network support to the agency for a year.

Initial training of agency personnel needed to go back to basic computer literacy and computer acceptance to address early misconceptions and fears stemming from the relationship with the earlier vendor. General computer skills were then enhanced with training in the available word processing and spreadsheet software that had been provided with the network. Training stressed process understanding and the ability to find "workarounds" in order to build greater confidence in the system

Concurrently with the initial training and working with agency descriptions of manual processes, MCS personnel also performed system forensics on the proprietary system in order to develop a basic training program for that system. With the thorough groundwork in computer skills, the agency personnel then assisted in expanding the knowledge base in the proprietary system and developing a more comprehensive training program for new hires.

Within the period of the contract, agency personnel progressed from being computer fearful to being sufficiently skillful that they were able to assume all responsibility for network administration and system training.

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