Service Beneficiaries

For over 20 years, Management Challenge Services has benefited organizations from a diverse assortment of industries and environments. MCS’ consistent success in such diversity is due to its ability to recognize early those aspects of the client which make it unique and to factor them into the services provided. MCS can then better isolate relevant problems and identify how to determine in advance that a service will be a success.

Select any client name listed below to see the type of services that were provided.

Broadcasting Showtime Networks
Communications AT&T
Education Wilfred American Educational Corp.
Financial Industry Citicorp
  F.F. Financial
  Merrill Lynch
  S&P Ratings Services
Government Agencies Englewood, NJ Housing Authority
Healthcare Pharmacy Fund Inc.
Technology Services Comtex / Norrell Information Services
  Improved System Technologies
  Pentagon Computer Systems
  System Methodologies Inc.
  Warner Computer Systems