Introduction to MCS

Although not a household name, Management Challenge Services has been benefiting clients through operations consulting and interim management support since 1980. Broadcasting, communications, education, healthcare, financial industry, government agency and technology service organizations ranging in size and sophistication from small proprietary operations to large multinational corporations have been direct beneficiaries of MCS efforts. Responding well to crisis situations and pressure in leading edge challenges, work by MCS has regularly advanced standards in client industries.

The key to its consistent successes is the MCS approach for developing insights into the intangible aspects of a situation as a foundation for all of the tangible aspects. The intangible aspects tend to provide truer images of the client's challenges and desired solutions and to be industry independent. The tangible aspects define the path from the challenges to the solutions and the metrics for determining the degree of success. With this approach, challenges are addressed at their root causes, solutions become more curative than cosmetic and the client is assured that the solutions are to their challenges and are not simply a re-implementation of solutions to someone else's challenges. The approach also facilitates MCS addressing a wider latitude of client environments and more original challenges.

MCS' specialty is in the operational challenges of management. These challenges tend to be organizational, procedural, technological, informational and/or administrative in nature. Examples of past service highlights include interim management of a business crisis and consulting on the roles of management, on converting strategies to tactics, on planning complex implementations, on changing organizational structures, on techniques for integrating systems and on staff training.

Through independent research and analysis, MCS is also developing a resource of insights into other operational challenges that many managers simply live with. Some of these challenges include unproductive management techniques, micro management, organizational crises, inability to implement strategies, resistance to procedures, out of control projects and ineffective information systems.

In order to more directly provide potential clients with a basis for determining if Management Challenge Services is the appropriate organization to address their operational challenges, MCS has developed a free "First Pass" service. Without obligation, organizations may e-mail MCS the description of any operational challenge. With no charge to the organization, MCS personnel will undertake a "First Pass" review and analysis of the challenge and will respond with an approach for addressing the challenge and any warnings that MCS can foresee. MCS will also inform the organization if there are any aspects of the challenge in which MCS may be of benefit on a paid assignment basis and, just as importantly, if there are not.

No attempt has been made in this site to anticipate all possible client questions. Interested parties are invited to send any and all questions concerning MCS services to Tim Miller, Managing Principal.